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The choice of finish is an important one as it defines the ultimate look of your walls. It can be the design of the building, its place in the environment, or the client’s personal preference that decides the choice, or a combination of all of the above.

The main thing is to get the finish right. It’s essential to choose the right finish to obtain the right look, durability, and washability for your walls. AllWall highly recommends Specialized for a high quality finish coating.

Float Finish

Specialized Construction Product’s  Float Finish is manufactured from high quality aggregates, proprietary additives and polymer binders to produce a fine granular textured finish.

Float Finish is an extremely versatile material which is designed as a finish coat for covering a huge range of cementitious substrates, including correctly prepared masonry and EIF systems, precast panels, fibre cement and aerated concrete.

Float finish is the perfect choice for a traditional ‘solid plaster’ style of texture or sand finish.

Spanish Finish

Spanish Finish is a polymer-modified, cement based plaster used to achieve an undulating adobe-style finish. This product can be applied in various thicknesses using a number of different techniques to achieve a huge range of finishes – anything from a traditional Spanish Swipe through to a very fine Mexican Hacienda style.

Before finish coating begins it is important to ensure the style of finish that is desired has been correctly communicated with the plasterer.

Texture Finish

A polymer-modified, cement based plaster manufactured from high quality aggregates and proprietary additives which, when blended together on site and sprayed through a hopper gun, will achieve a relatively flat, finely spiked texture finish. Texture Finish can be sprayed onto most properly prepared cementitous substrates.

Specialized Guarantees

Specialized Systems have a guaranteed period of 15 years from the date of practical completion and additionally, they have a Workmanship guarantee period of 5 years from the date of practical completion.


  • AllWall provides a range of Specialized plaster finishes, from traditional fine finishes, to a variety of textured coatings
  • Float Finish: produces a fine granular textured finish and is extremely versatile
  • Spanish finish: produces an undulating adobe-style finish and can achieve a range of looks including traditional Spanish Swipe through to a fine Mexican Hacienda finish
  • Texture finish: achieves a relatively flat, finely spiked finish
  • Specialized systems are guaranteed for 125 years from the date of practical completion


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