Precast concrete - Flawfila

Flawfila is a pre-blended, cement-based plaster that is easily applied using a steel trowel as a thin coat skimming compound to hide pinholes and other manufacturing irregularities in the surface of precast concrete panels or poured insitu concrete surfaces.

If necessary, Flawfila can be sanded flat using fine grit sandpaper after it has dried to produce a high quality, even and true surface ready for painting. If larger holes exist in the surface of the substrate (i.e. anchor points) these must be filled with Flawfila ‘rapid hole filler’ and left to dry prior to the application of Flawfila skim coat.


  • Easy application ideal for covering up manufacturing irregularities
  • Pre-blended cement-based plaster
  • Can be sanded flat for a perfect painting surface


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