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Columbia Taping tools Click here to view Video
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Ezpanel Thermal Calculation Click here to download Document
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can view a demonstration video which shows you Columbia Taping Tools being used for a job. This shows you how they are used. For more videos form Columbia Taping Tools, visit their YouTube channel.


Columbia Taping Tools (Demonstration video)

Columbia Taping Tools YouTube Channel

Watch this step-by-step demonstration to ensure a superior finish every time.


Installing GIB cove

The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) of New Zealand Inc. is a grouping of Building Industry organisations, including contractors, tradesmen, manufacturers and suppliers, established to represent the interests of members and their customers for interior wall and ceiling lining systems and related products.

You can join via their website.


AWCINZ website

AWCINZ Membership Applications

“At their core Ezpanels are reinforced with a high strength wire mesh making them extremely impact resistant and easy to handle on site.”

  • Unlike bricks and other AAC Systems, the Ezpanel system incorporates its own, state-of-the-art penetration flashing system to ensure all windows and doors are adequately sealed to stop water intrusion. The penetration flashings that are required for this system are installed by the certified contractor and act as a means of secondary weather defence.
  • The Ezpanel System has been appraised by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) No. 649 (2009) and carries a 15 year materials guarantee, backed by Specialized Construction Products.
  • As the Ezpanel system is able to be installed ‘free hanging’ over the surface of its cavity, unlike bricks it does not require a strip footing or heavy metal lintels over windows to support its weight. It also does not require extra structural engineering when walls become higher than 2.4m which all reduce on site construction costs.
  • The basic material components that are used to produce Ezpanels (i.e. sand and cement) give the finished system the same robust characteristics as plastered brick. However, due to the size and lightweight nature of the Ezpanels they are extremely quick and cost effective to install when compared with traditional plastered brick claddings.
  • The open celled nature of the Ezpanels gives them very good resistance to the transmission of airborne sound and helps to increase the thermal capacity of the exterior envelope.
  • Ezpanels will not burn and therefore have an ignitability index of zero.
  • The Ezpanel System is applied over the surface of a 20 or a 40mm cavity that is created using ultra high density EPS foam battens. The battens act as a shock absorber between the framing and the panels and enable the certified contractor to easily straighten walls before the cladding is installed.
  • The Ezpanel certified installer takes full responsibility for creating the cavity behind the Ezpanel System. By having a cavity behind the system any moisture that may penetrate the system for any reason, is able to escape uninhibited without wetting or affecting the structural framing of the building.
  • Fixings such as downpipes and lights can be fixed directly into Ezpanel without having to fix toggles or masonry anchors in the wall.
  • The surface of the Ezpanels can be easily routed or channelled to create negative grooves/lines in the surface of the finished product which are difficult and expensive to create in other exterior plastered finishes.
  • Even after prolonged exposure at 100% RH or after being continually wet and then dried during controlled durability testing there is little discernible change in the nature of the product.”

-    Specialized Construction Products

USG has consistently led the industry in offering customers innovative products and services used in the construction of high-performance sustainable spaces. From the product formulations they choose, to the processes they employ, they are committed to products that are designed, manufactured, distributed and used in a sustainable  way and minimise overall environmental impact.

Visit their website for more information.


USG website

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